Miner Wars!!!!!!!!

Here’s a new one for you called Miner Wars from Keen Software House. It’s a game in which you travel around the Solar System and mine asteroids for their ore while also fighting off enemies and discovering mysterious alien secrets. The game is an underground and space shooter that is played in a large fully destructible asteroid field and from what their showing some of these asteroids are huge!!

In the game you operate an advanced mining ship that allows you to dig tunnels and harvest ore on the asteroids. This game  made me think of another older cool game, that I can’t seem to remember the name of , where you fly around in what looks like a giant Space Station on an asteroid with the same 6DOF that this game offers. One thing I do remember is that it was a very fun game and Miner Wars looks like it will be offering that same cool game play plus much more.

– 6DOF
– Fully Destructible Environment
– Single Player Story & MMO
– Persistent open world – millions of km
– 15 mission types: Revenge, Mining, Harvesting, Defending, Exploration, Rescue and more
– High quality rendering

This game looks very  interesting and I will definitely be looking for it. It will be available on PC and Xbox Live Arcade and should be available sometime within the next three months or so. Make sure you check out the Miner Wars link below.

Miner Wars Link