MIT Game Lab and Boston Indies partner to present debut Boston Festival of Indie Games


Cambridge, MA– Scheduled for Saturday, September 22 at MIT, the Boston Festival of Indie Games is a celebration of independent game development in a variety of media and genres. The event is free and open to the public, and to be held on the MIT campus. Attendees are invited to vote on game showcase entries.

The Boston Festival of Indie Games offers the opportunity for festival attendees to play video games, live action games, tabletop games and interactive fiction in a casual environment. Fest features include a 12-hour game jam, digital art exhibit, film screenings and special guest speakers from the national indie games space. A special showcase will highlight games developed by the MIT Game Lab, which has created nearly fifty games over the last five years, a number of which have gone on to critical acclaim and commercial success.

Caroline Murphy, community manger for Boston Indies and co-producer of the Boston Festival of Indie Games, says, “We’ve been seeking a chance to demonstrate the deep wealth of independent game development, by both individuals and teams, in the Boston area for some time. Boston Festival of Indie Games is providing us with a high-visibility forum to showcase innovative games and provide recognition to the game developers who have worked so hard on their craft.”

Rik Eberhardt, studio manager for the MIT Game Lab, adds, “The MIT Game Lab explores the potential of creative play as a means of connecting people in the community with one another. By participating in the Boston Festival of Indie Games, we have the opportunity to demonstrate the power of play with games representing many themes, from entertainment to education, art to activism, science to socialization and more.”

Independent game developers are encouraged to submit their games for showcase consideration. The Boston Festival of Indie Games showcase is an opportunity for independent game developers to show off their games, get feedback from the public and win great prizes. Voting will open to the public in a variety of categories. Non-digital games can be submitted to the street games, interactive fiction or tabletop games portion of the festival.

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Boston Festival of Indie Games

For complete details on submitting independent games to the festival showcase, please visit the Boston Festival of Indie Games web site at The digital game submission entry fee is $15, with a student entry fee of $10.

The day-long festival follows the MIT Game Lab Symposium on Friday, 9/21, a gathering of game industry professionals and academia centered around the latest developments in games at the MIT Game Lab.