MLG Anaheim COD Recap

MLG Pro CircuitMLG Anaheim was this past weekend and with it came the continuation of a dynasty and the end of a season. This year, the top four teams from the open bracket were going to be invited in to the next season of MLG’s CoD league along with split $10,000. 192 teams were signed up to compete and fight for these spots. The open bracket was very competitive with multiple upset throughout the weekend. Out of the 192 teams 4 were the bottom teams from season 2’s league. Those teams were Vexx, sB, JusTus and Curse Orange. Strictly Business was the first team to fall short of making to the top 4 placing 17th-24th, Curse Orange was next falling just 2 rounds after sB and the Vexx was also short after being eliminated a few rounds before. After all the battling the only four teams left were JusTus, eLevaTe, Rise Nation and Optic Nation. ON in the end was the team to win the Open Bracket after  fighting all the was threw loser bracket and defeating Rise in the Grand finals. So now these four teams will be in season 3 of the league along with the top 8 teams from last season.


In the Champ bracket, the top 8 teams from season and the top 3 teams from the Gfinity league were competing in a separate tournament to see who will be the winner of this season and for a $70,000 prize pool, with $25,000 going to first place. The tournament started with some pretty big matches but not much surprises. The second round continued with not much surprise with the big match in that round was the tK vs. nV, in which nV took 3-0. In the next round you had some incredible match-ups with Optic facing off against Envy and Evil Guinness facing Faze Black. In the Optic vs. nV match, Optic made quick work of nV with a quick 3-0,  meanwhile EG did the same with Faze Black with a stand out performance from Crimsix who went 20-5 in the SnD match. Meanwhile in losers bracket, TCM and Curse Black were both having standout performances with both making all the way to losers semi-finals and even TCM making to losers-final. In winners final, it was EG vs. Optic, where EG would 3-0 Optic in some very intense matches. In losers final, it was Optic vs. TCM where the winner would face EG in the grand-finals. In the end, the Europeans were no match for Optic and fell 3-0 to Optic thus setting up a EG vs. Optic rematch. In what was the most intense series of the whole tournament, Optic ended up betting EG 3-1 which reset the bracket and forced another best of 5 series. The matches went back in forth but in the end EG won the last series 3-1 making them the winners of MLG Anaheim. MLG Bracket Post


With this win, EG continues their tear threw the Pro circuit. Now with Anaheim over, season 2 is now over as well and now new teams enter the fight. Now season 3 will consist of EG, Optic, Curse Black, nV, Faze Black, Faze Red, Denial, Optic Nation, Rise, eLevaTe, and JusTus. Also with the end of this season it means teams are allowed to do roster changes which means things will get crazy once again.