MLG Anaheim Recap

Major League Gaming continues to grow, as over 21,000 attended the competitive event in Anaheim. That number may have been boosted due to the appearances of athletes, such as Dwight Howard, Ty Lawson, Dez Bryant, and DeJuan Blair. These players participated in an All-Star match, where other Call of Duty figures were able to join in, for Black Ops 2. There were some great highlights and antics, but the match was enjoyable for all.

DeJuan Blair

Unsurprisingly enough, League of Legends was easily the loudest section out of the three games being held. The Starcraft audience, while not as large as the other two, still had the enthusiasm to make me rush over and see the commotion. However, I’d say Anaheim had one of the better, if not the best turnout for Call of Duty, compared to other events.



League of Legends

1st FXOpen – $20,000
2nd compLexity – $5000

3rd Curse Academy – $2,500

4th Aware Gaming – $2,500

All-Star Blue Team

Black Ops 2

1st compLexity – $20,000

2nd IcoNs.Impact – $12,000

3rd OpTic – $7,000

4th Curse – $4,000

5th FaZe – $2,300

6th UniTE – $2,300

7th vVv – $1,200

8th IcoNs.Conquer – $1,200

Ty Lawson receiving tips

Starcraft 2

1st Polt – $10,000

2nd HyuN – $6,000

3rd HerO – $3,000

4th NaNiwa -$3,000

Silly Dwight

The next MLG event will be held from November 22-24 in Columbus, Ohio. You can head over to MLG for more videos from the event.