MLG Announces Eight Teams to join League of Legends Invitational Tournament at Fall Championship

Major League Gaming (MLG) has announced today that eight teams from around the glove will participate in the League of Legends Invitational Tournament at the Fall Championship in Dallas, Texas, from November 2 to the 4th. All eight teams including Team Solomid will recieve all-expenses paid trips to compete for a chance at $30,000 in prizes with the first place team taking hom $16,000 and bragging rights. The teams included for the tournament go as followed:

Azubu Blaze (KR)

CLG Prime (NA)


Curse Gaming (NA)

Najin Sword (KR)

Team Dignitas (NA)

Team Dynamic (NA)

Team SoloMid (NA)

1st prize= $16,000  2nd prize= $8,000  3rd prize= $4,000   4th prize= $2,000

For those that can’t make it to the event, you can watch it via stream at on Friday November 2 at 5pm CST and continuing until the finals Sunday. HD passes are now available online for viewers to watch ad-free in HD in up to 1080p, and have access to DVR to rewind and re-watch any of the action. As always, fans can watch standard definition for free. Spectator passes are available online and additional information about the League of Legends Tournament will be released in the coming week.