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MLG Call of Duty Pro Circuit Announced

mlg-pro-pax-52fd464fc06f3Today, MLG announced another online league starting on Feb. 17. 10 of the top Call of Duty Pro teams will compete in a six week long league where the top 6 teams will go to PAX East to compete at the Turtle Beach booth in a live playoff on April 11th – 13th  for $15,000 prize pool, $7,000 for first place. The teams that are set to compete in this league are Optic Gaming, Complexity, Team Kaliber, Curse LV, Envy, Faze, Strictly Business, JusTus, Curse NY and Curse Youth. Each weekday will include 6 matches from the league and 12 matches in the weekends, with each team having a total of 36 matches overall. All matches will be streamed exclusively on MLG.tv just like last time including the playoff at PAX East. All action starts Monday Feb. 17 3pm PST/ 7pm EST on MLG.tv.