MLG Columbus Day 1 Recap

MLG Columbus

call-of-duty-ghosts-mlg-columbusMLG Columbus has begun and day was all open bracket surprise. The tournament began with an All-Star game that included the 16 pro players that the audience voted. The players were then split into two teams of 8 and played 3 games. In the Alpha team there was Clayster and Teepee from Team Complexity, Killa from Unite Gaming, Nameless from Curse Las Vegas, Scumpy and Bigtymer from Optic Gaming, Karma and Rambo from Team Envyus all coached by Mr. X from Complexity. In the Bravo team there was Aches and Crimsix from Team Complexity, Parasite from Curse Las Vegas, Nadeshot and JKap from Optic Gaming, Merk and Proofy from Envyus, Sharp from team Kaliber and all coached by Hastro from Envyus. These matchups ended with Alpha Team beating Bravo Team 2-1 map count.


In the open bracket , out of the hundreds of teams that were in the open brackets only 4 moved on to the championship bracket. The teams that moved on to championship bracket were a surprise considering what teams where in there. The teams are Elevate Excess, Primal, Skyline and KG Adversity but their runs are not over as all four now have to face the big teams in Call Of Duty today, Curse Las Vegas, Unite, Complexity, and Optic Gaming, respectively.  


That was the main new from the open bracket but the championship bracket also had some big matches and surprises.  The two big closest matches from last night were the Team Kaliber vs. Epsilon and Envyus vs. Cuse New York with both matches ending with a 3-2 map count. TCM vs. Faze was all TCM all night as they defeated Faze with a 3-1 map count. The biggest surprise was the KG Fuse vs. Soar match as Fuse completely rolled over a strong Soar lineup with a dominant 3-0 map count.


With all this happening on day one it leaves for some exciting possible today’s day 2 matchups. We could see an Optic Gaming vs. Envyus matchup in round 2 of winner’s bracket, if Optic defeats Adversity, and many more exciting matches. For now day 2 well under way and big games are already going on and setting up. If you want to see any of these matches then just go hereMLG Columbus