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MLG Columbus Recap


MLG Columbus weekend has past and what a weekend it was. The event overall was a huge success drawing in relatively the same amount of views as their last MLG event did. The event started with an All-Star game full of pro players that the audience voted for weeks before. Before that the open bracket had begun already there was multiple close matchups in the tournament. After the All-Star game the Championship matches begun and they were some of the close sometimes only ending with a round or a point difference in many matches.


There were several surprises in this tournament. One of them was the fact that 3 out the Top 8 teams in this tournament came out of the losers open bracket. Another was the team KG Fuse who defeated Soar Gaming and Unite Gaming in the Championship bracket only to fall to Team Kaliber and the later again to Unite Gaming. Another of the big surprise teams was JusTus Gaming who came in from the open losers bracket and defeating and eliminating several of the big Call of Duty teams including Curse New York, Optic Gaming, TCM Gaming, Vanquish and Team Envyus in that order. They were later eliminated by losing to Team Complexity but still placing in the Top 3.


There were also several disappointments throughout the weekend. One of them was the European power houses that came over the pond to participate in this tournament, Epsilon and TCM Gaming. Epsilon would go down in to Team Kaliber in the first round of Championship bracket and then later be eliminated by Unite Gaming. TCM would win their first round Championship bracket match and then lose to Complexity in there next match and then lose again to JusTus Gaming. Both teams would place in the Top 12 of the tournament. Probably the biggest disappointment and shock came from Optic Gaming, who lost their first round Championship bracket match to KG Adversity. They would later, in losers bracket, go on to defeat Revenge but then be eliminated from the tournament by JusTus just one match later. This gave Optic their worst placement in MLG tournaments in years.


The biggest highlight of the whole weekend was definitely all the matches. From the Complexity vs. Envyus match to the Team Kaliber vs. Unite or the Complexity vs. Team Kaliber match this tournament had some incredible matches. Everything was seen in this tournament from super close matches to complete blowouts, from huge upsets to just plain obvious results. Honestly from a game that was questioned the whole time leading up to the tournament as to whether it would be entertaining to watch or if it would be competitive the game was extremely fun to watch and pretty competitive.


The bracket towards the end, ended up being kind of confusing sense they didn’t do it the same way as they did before and changed the whole finals part of the bracket. In the end we saw the top 2 teams from the winners championship bracket and the top 2 teams from losers bracket face off. The matches were Complexity vs. JusTus and Team Kaliber vs. Unite. Both matches ended up with a 3-1 map count score setting up a Complexity vs. TK match for the finals. The Final was a best of 7 series. This became the best series in the entire tournament leading up to a game 7 to determine the winner. In a very close Search and Destroy game, which went all the way to round 11, Complexity would rise up and crown themselves champions yet again winning their 3 MLG tournament in a row.


In the end the MLG Columbus event was extremely fun to watch and lead to some great matches. Hopefully as the season progresses the game will get more improvements and they we will also see some more correction to the rule set to make it more fun to watch. After all this, unfortunately, because some of these teams placements expect to see many roster changes in the weeks to come as we prepare for the next Ghost tournament to come.