MLG Orlando Call of Duty: Black Ops Re-Cap

After three long days of gaming for at least 12 hours a day of intense matches a winner has finally separated themselves from the pack, OpTic Gaming. OpTic comes into every event thinking that they are going to win and this time they completed their objective winning another MLG Championship securing $10,000 in prize money. However OpTic is not the team that stole the show, a team called Vendetta came all the way out of open bracket to place 2nd with style. They made it all the way to Winners bracket finals to play OpTic.

They took OpTic all the way to the last round in the series and to overtime in the last map of Search and Destroy. Losing overtime they moved into the Losers Finals and took EnVy Us to the last round as well, but the result was different this time winning the game. They take OpTic on again in the Championship match and ultimately lost, but Vendetta proved that they could beat the best in the game.

With the rosters locked until the MLG Championship event, Providence, NC on Nov. 18-20th,  we will have to see if Vendetta will repeat a top 4 placing and if OpTic can bring home another crown or if another team will rise up and steal the show.