MLG Pro Circuit Controller Review (Xbox 360)

Officially sanctioned by Major League Gaming, the Pro-Circuit controllers utilize what Mad Catz is calling the ProModule system, which allows players to seamlessly swap out and rearrange pre-built thumbstick and d-pad modules. Each controller comes with four analog thumbstick modules, two concave and two convex, as well as one Xbox 360-style and one PS3-style d-pad. Users can drop any combination of the modules into three open slots on the top of the controller, which lock in and out of place.


What comes in the box.

  • Pro Circuit Controller Body
  • 3-Piece Pro Circuit Controller Faceplate Kit (Gloss)
  • 3-Piece Pro Circuit Controller Faceplate Kit (Matte)
  • Pro Circuit Controller L-Shaped Door
  • Pro Circuit Controller Weighted Door
  • 2x 35g Weight Cartridges
  • 2x ProX Analog Stick Modules
  • ProX D-Pad Module
  • 2x ProP Analog Stick Modules
  • ProP D-Pad Module
  • Headset Adapter
  • ProCable (3m)
  • ProCase

I first got my hands on the Pro-Circuit controller was at CES, and I was impressed it was everything I was looking in a controller solid, sturdy, interchangeable and customizable. I couldn’t wait to have one in my hands at home and jump online to give it a good test.

Thanks to my friends at Madcatz they made it happen by sending me an Xbox 360 version for review. So now that I had one it was on to do some real gaming, I spent the next week playing just about every popular game out there right now from Modern Warfare 3, Halo CE, Battlefield 3, Gears of War 3 and even tried some fighters just for the heck of it. Let’s start off with this controller is not for everyone, it takes a little bit of getting use to and that’s not a bad thing the reason is cause we’re all so use to the stock controllers for years now but this controller feels way different from the others, the detail they put into from being able to rearrange the layout to changing the weight and it feels great in your hands while you’re playing, you can thank the rubberized grip for that.

When you really start using it for hours you see why this controller stands out, now I’m not say it’s going to make you better but you can really tell it’s made for the serious gamer, the thumb sticks are more precise  no “slow turn” or inconsistency we sometimes experience with other controllers.

The option to customize your controller’s layout is also a a huge plus, being able to use the standard Xbox 360 layout or switching over to the PS3 layout in seconds or even a combination of both. i’m waiting for Madcatz to release more face plates for color customization .

And if everything it can do and it comes with isn’t enough, the Pro Circuit Controller even comes with a travel case for when you go play in some tournaments like these, I’m already recommending this controller to everyone i know, its a great controller with a ton of potential. My only issue is i wish you were able to play it on both consoles but it’s no deal breaker, The MLG Pro Circuit Controller is available now for $99, i give it a 9 out of 10 a must buy for serious gamers.