MLG Release New Rules

call-of-duty-ghosts-mlg-columbusFinally, with a week before their event at Columbus, MLG has released their official rule set for the event. MLG posted on their site and let everyone know by Twitter that the rule set for the even have been set. So we finally what maps, guns, perks, equipment, game modes and kill streaks will be allowed for this event. The rule set is as follows:

Game Types and Maps
Blitz – Freight, Octane, Warhawk
Domination – Freight, Octane, Sovereign, Strikezone
Search and Destroy – Freight, Octane, Sovereign, Warhawk

All Assault and Support streaks
Specialist (All except the restricted perks)

Banned Primary Weapons
MSBS Assault Rifle, All Marksman rifles, Riot Shield

Banned Secondary Weapons
All Launchers

Banned Attachments
Grenade Launcher, Akimbo, Rapid Fire, Select Fire

Banned Lethals
I.E.D., C4, Canister Bomb

Banned Tacticals
9-Bang, Motion Sensor, Thermobaric

Banned Perks
Recon, Amplify, Gambler, Ping, Deadeye, Stalker

The complete rules and setting can be found thru the MLG website.