MLG Winter InvitationalRecap

winter invitationalAfter 2 long weeks of playing the MLG Winter Invitational ended today. This online tournament involved eight, well nine, of the top Call of Duty teams in the US region. The teams included Optic Gaming, Faze, Strictly Business, Team Kaliber, Envy, Curse LV, Curse NY and Complexity. After a rocky start because of some in game issues the tournament started to follow and play well. After a few days though, Complexity withdrew from the tournament and they were replaced by Denial. The tournament was pretty one sided sense at one point Curse LV was 10-0 in the standings.

In the end 4 teams advanced to the single elimination bracket, Team Kaliber, Envy, Strictly Business and Curse LV. In the semifinals it was LV vs. sB and it was tK vs. nv in a best of 11 series. Curse made quick work of sB and advancing to the finals while nV had a more difficult time with tK but in the end they pulled off a win to make it to the finals. In the finals it would be another best of 11 between Curse and nV. Things started off pretty even but after game 4 Curse showed some dominance and ended the series winning 4 maps in a row to end with a final score of 6-2. Curse would walk away from this tournament with 1st place and $5000.

This tournament served as practice for these teams for the Call of Duty Qualifiers but in the end it really got interesting towards the end of round-robin where you had 4 teams fighting for 2 spots in the semifinals.