MMO Balancing: The Seesaw Effect

MMO games are always evolving as there is always new content being added and small adjustments to make the game stay competitive, and every time that something is changed there are always going to be those that complain. This is usually those that were fans of the current flavor of the week and are pissed that now they have to develop some sort of skill instead of spamming OP abilities.  For certain games like Star Wars: The Old Republic or Neverwinter it is even more difficult to try and nerf and buff classes, because you don’t want to nerf something that is OP in PVP but is an essential ability in order to complete raids. I have a lot of respect for developers and their efforts to try and balance a game, and I think that we as gamers need to be a little more patient when a game comes out for it to be balanced.

I mainly focus on playing PVP when it comes to MMO’s and normally play melee characters which unfortunately tend to be on the lower end of the balancing seesaw. Being out ranged by ranged characters and then out dps by magic classes and then there is always the pesky stealth characters to deal with, however despite all of these disadvantages I have never once decided I should just play the OP class or complain about how imbalanced PVP is if you are a warrior type character. Instead I stray true to what I like to play and relish in the challenge of being the underdog as I truly believe that skill will always win.

Stay true to who you are and never falter because you aren’t the best class out there!