Modern Warefare 2 Patch

So while playing modern warefare 2 you guys might have noticed the care package glitch, the infinite care package glitch, and how people with those darn model 1887 akimbo shotguns killed you from pretty far.  Well thats what the patch will fix.  Nobody will be able to do the care package glitch that makes you run fast if you have lightweight on.  The infinite care package glitch will also be fixed.  As for the model 1887 shotguns that have the akimbo and fmj combination, they will have the same range and damage as the non-bling model 1887.  The elevator glitch will be fixed as well as varios xp hacks and the sentry gun will have improved placement detection, preventing cases of sentry guns inside geometry.  The patch for the PS3 is already availble for players in Europe, as for U.S. PS3 players, you guys will get the patch sometime tonight or tomorrow.  For Xbox 360 players, we will get the patch as soon as infinity ward works their way through the certification at microsoft.

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