Modern Warefare 3 Content Drop #1 Giveaway! *UPDATE* 3/31

*Update* We have our next  winner “XxemadjxX” congrats! we’ll be sending you,your code soon. Keep those comments coming everyone we still got codes left.

Yes after this weekend’s crazy Modern Warfare 3 team tournament we still have a few codes left to giveaway here on the site, here’s the rules follow us on Facebook and Twitter and leave a comment below letting us know you did and we’ll pick some random winners till we run out of codes.

8 thoughts on “Modern Warefare 3 Content Drop #1 Giveaway! *UPDATE* 3/31

  1. Dude I wish I went to the Tournament i would have crapped on everyone, haha well can i get a code please. Thanks Fanboygaming

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