Monday Rant: Annoying Roommates

If you have never lived with someone that just made you facepalm and wish a plane would crash through your roof releasing you from the living hell that is your place, then you are better off than me. Between the girlfriends with laughs that make your ears bleed or the girl roommate that just pretty much complains like she was your girlfriend. It seems that I have had nothing but terrible luck when it comes to living with people, fate my play out that I need to just build a hate dome somewhere so I can seethe in the Dark Side that gives me my power of rant.

I have no misconception that no matter who you live with it isn’t going to be hippie hugging while singing campfire songs all the time, or whatever it is filthy hipsters do. I just would like to be able to get through a week without having a scrubs moment where I flash to an image of me punching my roommate in the face over and over while two blondes make out in the back all set to Eye of the Tiger, is that really too much to ask for? What about you guys and gals ever lived with someone that who wish would end up like Porkins during the Death Star Trench Run? Also would you guys be interested in all of my hate moving to video? Let me know in the comments and horrible roommates…I HATE YOU!