Monday Rant: Love Hate Relationship with Fantasy Football

Like so many other people this time of year I have decided to do a fantasy football league with my roommates as well as some other friends and even though week 1 isn’t finished yet I am already remembering why I have a love hate relationship with fantasy sports. Now let me start off by saying I am no means a football strategist or annalist, in fact outside of Madden I have never even played a game of football as I grew doing martial arts and baseball. So my team is probably not the best it could be, however I do feel that I have a fairly decent team outside of the guy who has Payton Manning, or my roommate who has A.J. Green, A.P. and Reggie Bush. As I was flipping through the various games on Sunday trying to keep track of all of my players and my Black and Silver (Raider Nation) I realized that I am probably going to be a dick this season.

The mood swings that come with watching your hand picked players lift your spirits only to have the crush by ONE OF THE WORST DEFENSE FUMBLES IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL is why I both love and DESPISE fantasy football. As if my life wasn’t already hard enough being a Raider fan in a house full of Charger fans, now I have to listen about how great RG III is and watch as my roommate pulls ahead by a stupid amount of points. So thanks to whoever started fantasy football, because that is all I needed was one more thing to cause me stress so I can die from a nice stressed induced stomach ulcer.

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