Monday Rant: The Hate Returns!

I am glad to award you my followers with the return of my full aimed hate, unleashing havoc amongst those that would dare piss me off. Today’s topic Team Killers, those scumbag idiots that are sitting there behind me and hitting my tank with their rockets. As you guys now I have been playing a lot of PlanetSide 2 lately and the amount of morons that cause friendly fire is just outstanding, like to day for instance the wonderful person that decided my ship would look a lot better upside down on the ground in flames. It seems no matter what game you play if there is a form of friendly fire in there will be trolls making you want to punch babies.

Despite the occasional friendly kill, I do my best to keep my weapons on target. This seemed not to be the case when it came to a lovely archer on our team while I was playing War of the Roses this evening. Countless times he would fire willy nilly into our own cavalry slaughtering our own men. This of course did not go unpunished as he quickly became a target for everyone in the server killing him on sight immediately, after 5 minutes of nothing but killing this poor lost soul he left the match.

My point is don’t be a dick and kill the enemy because Team Killers…I HATE YOU!