Moon Skater Hits iTunes September 23


New developers 3 Guys Apps today announced that their inaugural action game, Moon Skater, is on schedule and will be released on iTunes Sunday, September 23, 2012.

With 10 moon levels, each increasing in length and difficulty, Moon Skater presents the kind of playability that makes it impossible to put down. “We wanted something simple, fun and highly addictive,” says Moon Skater project manager, Mark Barnes. “Plus, we think that Moon Skater is a memorable character that players will love.”

The Moon Skater, available as a boy and a girl, battles aliens, asteroids and rough terrain – all while attempting to foil the invasion of Earth. From the moment gamers open the main screen and the music blares (this isn’t your usual iPhone game sound), the Moon Skater zooms into action, hurdles falling asteroids and destroys aliens with a handy laser.

Other features include an interactive tutorial, online leader boards, a variety of store features, sharing scores on Facebook and Twitter and halfway checkpoints for the longer levels, so you don’t have to start over, after making it 50 percent of the way home.

“We think this game is going to soar to the Top 25,” Barnes adds. “We believe it’s that good.”

You can download Moon Skater for free in the App Store, on Sunday September, 23, 2012.