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Todays Movie News begins with:

Assassins Creed:

There was a rumor awhile ago, that Michael Fassbender (Prometheus) was in talks to produce and star in Ubisofts Assassin’s Creed film. Now that rumor is reality New Regency studio is now backing up the film, so now the film is coming sooner that you think. Cant want to see templars blood on the screen! are you excited?

Paranormal Activity Spinoff: If you saw Paranormal Activity 4 this weekend, and if you stayed behind the credits then you would’ve saw the post credits scene of a Spanish guy in a store somewhere in Mexico. This isn’t a sequel but a spinoff set in the same world of Paranormal Activity. This spinoff is being written by Christopher Landon and will be based on Catholic Paranormal mythology. It is set to be released in spring 2013.

The Wolverine: This new Wolverine film is suppose to be a prequel to the orginal X-Men Films, Recently Patrick Stewart will be reprising his role as Professor X in (X-Men Days of Future Past). Now is has been reported that Famke Jansssen who played Jean Grey (the Phoenix) was in Australia shooting a Cameo for The Wolverine.

I’m very interested on how she will play in the story.

The Man with The Iron Fists: Below you can watch an animated Prequel to RZA’s new film Narrated by RZA himself.

Iron Man 3: Here is an second teaser for Iron Man 3 tomorrow the full trailer releases.

Kick-Ass 2: Mark Millar sent out some hype for the much anticipated fight between Hit-girl and Mother Russia.”Everything is working perfectly and Vaughn was correct when he told me to trust his judgement when he hand-picked Jeff Wadlow for this gig. This feels like the next chapter of something we all dug a great deal, incredibly consistent with what came before, but at the same time going a little darker and a lot bigger.”

Guardians Of the Galaxy: Director James Gunn launched the offical Facebook for Guardians of The Galaxy.

The Amazing Spiderman: Here is a deleted scene from The Amazing Spiderman which will be included on the Blu-Ray November 9.