Movies Releasing this week

Planning on going to the movies this week, here are new films releasing this weekend:

Finding Nemo 3D:

Pixar’s breathtaking underwater adventure is resurfacing on the big screen this time in eye popping 3D. This film follows the story of Over protective father Marlin the clown fish going on an adventure thru the ocean looking for his kidnapped son Nemo with help from Dory voiced by comedian Ellen DeGeneres.

Resident Evil: Retribution:

The Next installment in the fan favorite Resident Evil series continues with Retribution. This film continues the story of Alice when she awakens in the center of umbrella Corporation, as she continues hunting the people responsible for the Zombie outbreak reveals more about her mysterious past answering some unanswered questions making her rethink if everything that happen is true.

Last Ounce Of Courage:

This film tells a story of a grieving father moved by his grandson to fight for faith and freedom when all liberty seems lost. This film is to encourage people to stand up and raise your voice in your beliefs.