My E3 thoughts


E3 09 is over and now i’ve had a few days to sit back and think about all the awesome stuff that was announced and all the crap that was announced so i asked the guys to put up their opinions of how E3 09 went so with that said heres my opinion.

Nintendo did much better then last year with afew Mario games announced and Metroid: Other M along with new DSiware features Red Steel 2 looked better then the first its looking good for nintendo.  Few things i felt were missing was multi color wiis ( i want that black one) and a new Zelda game.

Sony shocked the world with……… a wiimote yeah wow, uncharted 2 looks the same as the first one and their “mario kart” like game looks promising too bad it looks like a Nintendo game.  On the other hand they did had a few good anouncements PSP GO!, God of war 3 looks fuckin sweet  not much else for Sony everything else is third party

Microsoft’s Project Natal wow can you top that i don’t think so but Halo Reach and Halo ODST came damn close  then they hit us with Splinter Cell: Conviction, Mass 2,  Forza 3   Microsoft clearly won this year’s E3 and expect a huge year from them

Third party(multiple  systems)  i decided to put up a 3rd party topic cause of the tons of great games like Star Wars: The Old Republic, all the Final Fantasy , Left 4 dead 2, Tony Hawk’s Ride( stuck it to Skate) ,  Assassin’s creed 2 was epic, and Beatles: Rock Band to name afew its going to be a great year for 3rd party games maybe the best one yet.

So all thats left to say is can’t wait for next year and looking forward to Comic Con.