My Little Fish App

There are many aquarium apps in the market right now but JUSTNINE says that their app is better than all the rest.

Gameplay for this app is not different from all other aquarium games, you raise, feed, clean and breed, which are the basic functions that you need to perform in order to have their own unique aquarium. Instead of adding new functions, JUSTNINE tries to differentiate from the mass crowd of aquarium developers by enhancing the small details throughout the game. For example, unlike other aquarium games, My Little Fish can enable users to have up-to 8 different offsprings, to breed with friends’ fishes (wow…), and to give full freedom to fishes so that they can swim in every direction in the fish tanks! JUSTNINE says that with these added details users will have endless hours of fun raising and breeding their pet fishes.

My Little Fish requires interactions with friends just like all other SNGs. So try it yourself, spread the words to your friends and have fun together now! The one and only Gangnam Style Aquarium game – My Little Fish!