My NFL Team Report Card

We are close to the halfway point of this year’s NFL Football season and I can honestly say that I have know Idea who is going to the superbowl. However I’m going to point out some things that have stood out to me this NFL season.

The teams that is what I thought they would be are :

San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants.



These two teams are exactly what I thought they would be when the season started. The 49ers defense has picked up exactly where it left off from last season and the Giants have probably the best offense in the NFL right now. Ultimately what have on the opposite sides of the ball for each team, offensively for the 49ers and defensively for the Giants,  is going to determine how far each team goes. However if I had to pick a ” best team in the NFL” these two teams would be 1 and 1a .

The off the “Radar” team:

The Seattle Seahawks




Now they have a really tough game this thursday versus the 49ers however if they win that game they will have defeated: The Cowboys, Packers, Patriots and 49ers not a bad resume if you ask me. This team has an emerging playmaker in Russell Wilson and a very good defense.  As of right now the Seahawks are playing the type of football that wins you games well in Janurary and beyond.


The Most Dissappointing Team Thus Far:


The Dallas Cowboys

It seems like over the past few season NFL  football fans have been saying ” Wow the Cowboys have a lot of talent, this might be they’re year this year.” Only to be left frustrated and cursing out your television or anybody that will listen to you on youtube LOL. The main thing is not the fact that they lose games but it’s the way they lose. Often showing very little to no discipline or sometimes passion. All this from a team that most pick to at least be in the mix for their division let alone compete for a superbowl.


So these are my thoughts so feel free to coment and tell me what you think.

Otherwise I’ll see you on the sticks ..


Lamar - Sports Editor

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