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My reaction to the cancellation of Spider-Man 4

Thank god…no I’m serious we really dodged a bullet with this one. For those of you unaware Spider-Man 4 has been canceled due to a debate between Sony Pictures and Sam Raimi over who the movie’s villain should be. Sam Raimi wanted the Vulture (played by John Malkovich) while Sony wanted to have the Black Cat thrown in. Well they couldn’t come to an agreement over it, so Sam Raimi decided to walk out, and so did Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. I couldn’t be happier.

It was this same debate that caused the problems that we saw in Spider-Man 3. Sony wanted too much control over SM3 and insisted that Venom be added to the list of villains, as you could see this caused problems and distracted from the story [and caused stupid emo hair]. Sam Raimi made the right decision said “enough is enough” and left before this whole thing could blow up out of proportion.

This is a very familiar scene that has actually played out before in the comic world. Companies trying to take priority over the creators, it is a sad and shameful thing because the companies always end up ruining everything. All the comic fans will see that this scene has played out before with J. Michael Straczynski and his recent gripes with Marvel over the One More Day storyline and the final breaking point of Siege where he made the decision to leave Thor. The that JMS has often said is that with big events run by the big companies your story is that the story you tell no longer becomes your story, and you lose the freedom and creativity and it just gets ruined along the way.

People like Sam Raimi and J. Michael Straczynski seek to tell a good story, but larger companies will always try to throw their hands in and reap in all the money that they can. I had hopes that Sony would have learned its lesson from Spider-Man 3 but they don’t care about the story, just money. Regardless of creative differences the two parties had, I don’t think Spider-Man 4 would have worked because they really didn’t have any usable Villains left. Black Cat would have been a lame call on Sony’s part but that would have been a sex appeal thing to aim to desperate men as they walked by the movie posters, Vulture doesn’t present a large enough scale threat, Carnage is too violent for a mainstream movie audience, and Kingpin is already taken by the Daredevil franchise. Besides as history has shown us the 4th installments of super hero movies simply do not work i.e. Batman and Robin, Superman 4, and worst of all X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Its hard to believe that just a few years ago this news could have had me punching the wall in anger but now I am just smiling politely. I said it once and I’ll say it again, there is no future for Spider-Man, not unless the Marvel makes some serious changes. I won’t use this opportunity to bitch against the current state of Amazing Spider-Man or Ultimate Spider-Man because I’ve already done enough of that, but as for the Spider-Man movies rebooted and who knows it might work. But I really don’t care for Spidey anymore I’ve moved on.

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  1. I agree completely, tho I must say, I’ve been wanting to see either vulture or shocker for a while, to think raimi was like minded makes me happy and I hope sony wakes up and crawls back with newfound humility… but they won’t.
    companies trying to make more money by forcing hands has never worked. every time, they try it stuff sucks and dies… but they don’t stop

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