My Search for a GirlyAss Case Continues…

While Continuing my search for a DS case, i stumbled upon these girlyass accessories.


Every girly girl out there likes Hello Kitty; well, at least i do.These Sanrio  Hello kitty Jewelery stylus are so cute i might add this to my list of accessories.  But I also saw some more stuff that a girl can use to customize a DS.


For example, skins, they’re not my thing, but there’s alot of girls who like them and there are some pretty cool ones out there.

Something I would like to do its to add Swarovski crystals to the top cover. The work showed on the pic is so pretty and it is definitely something i would do. But this could cost a good amount of money, but it sure looks pretty.


But however i customize my DS, i want to represent that i’m a gamer…a very girly one 🙂