My Take on the NBA Playoffs so far

The NBA Playoffs are up and in full swing. Here are some of picks for the Most Impressive Team So Far, The Most Disappointing Team, The Most Epic Game, this Weeks MVP, and Who At This Point Is Going To Win The Finals.

Most Impressive Team

The Miami Heat

When you look at this match up sure the Heat have the Big 3 of Lebron James, Dewayne Wade and Chris Bosh but the Knicks have a bunch of too with Amare Stoudemire, Carmello Anthony and Tyson Chandler. However the Heat are destroying the Knicks up to this point. As a result the Knicks look totally dysfunctional and with Amare out for at least the next game I smell a sweep coming on.

The Most Disappointing Team

The New York Knicks

When you get beat by almost 40 in your first game of the playoffs and then loss the second game by almost 20 points you are pretty bad. But when you add to it by having one of your best players punch the case of a fire extinguisher, thereby tearing a muscle in his hand, well now you are reaching epic fail status. Sorry Knicks fans but the Knicks are an epic failure right now.

Most Epic Game

Game 1 The Memphis Grizzlies vs. The L.A. Clippers

Now on a positive note, Did you see this game ? I have 2 letters and one number for you CP3. This guy with a never say die attitude just kept pushing and pushing and Blake started to play like high flying super man Blake and the Clippers pulled out the one greatest comebacks in NBA history. Great Job guys.

This Weeks MVP

Chris Paul

I almost gave this award to Kobe Bryant but CP3 was a man on a mission. Not only did he lead one the most epic comebacks in NBA history, he did so with a pulled groin muscule.

Who’s Gonna Win It All ?

At this point I’m gonna have to say the Miami Heat

Why: Because right now they are the team that is the most healthy and have the least amount of flaws.

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  1. I agree with you, but i feel the Knicks would be doing a lot better if they were matched up against anyone else. they just can’t seem to find a way to stop Lebron.

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