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The 2013 Video Football Game season is upon us with the release of NCAA Football 14 and Madden 25.

With the excitement building I decided to give you my thoughts about what to expect from this years upcoming football titles.

Quick Disclaimer This Article Is Written May 19th Which means that this article is based on information that I know of at the time.

Things to get excited about
You might be able to run a more realistic offense with more balance between the run and passing game. That’s because the EA is really trying to make running the ball as fun and rewarding as passing the ball has been for the last few years. This is due in large part to the new revamped physics engines and expansive running controls that in my opinion really favor the fast shifty backs:


This year’s improvements combined with the improvements made in the passing game last year both NCAA 14 and Madden 25 are looking like they cater to people who like to see lots of points being scored.
Now EA was able to make these improvements much the same way they improved the passing game last year. Watch the video below for a detail explanation of the process:

Things I’m Concerned With

I love many of the improvements that EA has put out for both games however they have still not addressed the “Battle in the Trenches” with for football novices is the interaction between the Offensive and Defensive Line in football. This is crucial because often times you will hear announcer say that football games are won and lost in the trenches and EA has been losing on this for many years now much to the frustration of many including myself.
Below I have a video explain exactly what I’m talking about:

Now these types of things have a HUGE impact on how football is played. For example How many teams in NFL and College football run a version of a 3-4 defense. For years you have not been able to do so effectively in any of EA’s football games because the DT doesn’t command a double team the way he does in Real Football. Below are some real football examples:

So in closing

I would say that EA this football season will be putting out a “Pretty Bimbo” line of games this year yet again. Mean they look really pretty on the surface but they don’t offer anything really of substance to get excited about. So honestly it’s fun for a while but it’s really not to be taken seriously.



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