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//N.P.P.D. Rush// The Milk of Ultra Vioelt

“Blaze a trail of destruction and carnage in the open world city of “Nauseous Pines” to the soundtrack of legendary musician TOSHIAKI SAKODA.

Save the victims of the designer drug “NOX” at break neck speed in this bullet hell/action-rpg.

Your “NOX” infected limbs have been removed and you are “socketed” into your hi powered //RUSH// super bike.

The clock is ticking, and the city is being plunged into a noxious abyss.

Unlock the mystery of the enigmatic “Ultraviolet” and her army or //RUSH// rejects and misfits to reach the crushing reality of your own existence.

Interact with shops as diverse as organ traffickers and a family run watchmakers that can manipulate your //RUSH// units timer. Gloriously drawn in “teletext” by DAN FARRIMOND”