N00b R3v13w: Far Cry 3


Alright, so having spent a lot of time with Far Cry 3 the past few months, I decided to write up a short review of the game, and boy is this one FUN game.

So Far Cry 3 was advertised as “Skyrim with Guns!” Does it really live up to the image? My answer: Almost! But it’s different in a good way! Far Cry 3 puts you in the shoes of Jason Brody, who decides to travel to a beautiful tropical island on vacation with a couple of friends, and all seems well until he’s captured by pirates and held for ransom. After Jason’s older brother dies, Jason is put on a tribal quest by the locals to find both his friends and the inner hunter inside of him.

Starting off, the game is very, very, gorgeous. Not a single detail was overlooked, even in character movement. Sprinting into water will make you dolphin dive instead of fall in, local wildlife like pigs will roll in dirt, and tigers will hunt for deer and other prey, and there’s even a minor cover system which automatically peeks around cover for you when you aim! A lot of work was definitely put into the Single Player story of the game. Things are abundant to do, you can hunt down pirates like a stealth ninja for extra XP to level up, or you can go in guns blazing and killing everything in sight, there is no wrong way to play in free roam. Some missions throw challenges, like not alerting enemies, or losing all your weapons and instead sneaking around, the change-ups are nice and well paced.

The multiplayer is… at best decent. Personally I find it fun and very refreshing from Call of Duty, which it mimics in a very similar manner. There’s UAV’s and other killstreaks available, but MP is hindered by the decoder system, which forces you to wait and hope you get good/decent gear from anywhere from 15 minutes to 8 hours of waiting. The killcam and revive system is fun as well. Co-op is kind of fun, somewhat boring because of the run and gun style of gameplay, but worth a few hours of replayability.

Overall I score this a 4.5 out of 5. There is SO much to do in singleplayer, but little in multiplayer, so I wish that could have been balanced out better. DLC is few and far between for now, but hopefully in the coming months we will start to see Far Cry 3 get some more love.