NBA Live 13 ???


One of my favorite sports video games of recent years was NBA Live 10. This game was so good, that all me and my circle of friends needed for 2011 was the roster updates. The updates that included the addition of some rookies and Lebron James taking his talents to southbeach. For the record I’m not an NBA 2k fan at all. Mostly because the game does not have the fluid motion of what real basketball actually feels and looks like. NBA 10 was not perfect but it was very fun to play and the Players looked and felt the way the are supposed to.

I was floored when EA announced that NBA Elite would not be shipping which meant that there would be no EA NBA Basketball game in 2011. So when I heard the rumors that EA would be releasing a NBA game this fall I got excited.  That is until I read some of the insider interviews 🙁 .

This is what frustrates me with EA sometimes. It sounds like they are attempting to rebuild the game. My question is why mess up a great thing ? NBA Live was a very solid game and all the 2011 edition needed was some tune ups to some of it’s features and it would have been better than Glitchy 2k easily.  I hope that EA doesn’t overract to all the hype of having Michael Jordan on the game or some of the other arcade like features that the 2k series has. EA should stickto what made the series great in the first place which is solid gameplay and a life like NBA experience.

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