Need a new MMO? My Recommendations

So I finally got around to building a new gaming computer and now that I have I am on the search for new MMO’s to play, that aren’t World of Warcraft because I am not 12 anymore and just can’t stand that game. So here are some MMO’s out there that I recommend for people looking for something new to play.

First up we have my favorite MMO I am playing currently, Star War: The Old Republic, currently this game is free to play but has a lot of restrictions if you are a free to play player. The unlocks can be unlocked through the in game market or like me you can become a Subscriber and pay 14.99 a mo. which will give you cartel coins each month and all unlocks. They will be releasing their first expansion this spring so now is a great time to come join The Sith Empire in taking over the galaxy, if you would like to play with me and possibly join my guild I am on The Harbinger server.

Next up we have Tera, which is an action MMORPG. This game features innovative and responsive combat and is currently completely free to play, the art style is purely amazing and the gameplay makes raiding and pvping a true challenge. If you are a fan of Korean MMO’s but aren’t a fan of grinding this is the perfect game as there is little grind but all of the amazing social aspects of a Korean MMO. The game also bolsters an amazing political system that is powered by guilds and voting, and eventually even the ability to raid other Realms.

Looking to shoot people in a consistent world and fight a war that will never end, PlanetSide 2 is the game for you then. PlanetSide 2 is a free to play game that pits 3 factions against each other in all out war across three separate continents. Combat consists of multiple classes of infantry, vehicles and aircraft all completely customizable. Join the fight for your faction now!

Lastly I just finished downloading The Secret World, which just recently went buy to play, meaning there is no more subscription fee. You can purchase the game off of steam or their site. The game is set in a modern setting where three secret societies are fighting for their individual causes as the world is on the brink of apocalypse. Featuring a system in which you can custom build any kind of character you want with different combat systems, raiding and pvp become a whole new beast to slay when there is no set way to fight you enemy. The game is for those that don’t mind playing a slower paced game as there are a lot of different puzzle and investigation mission that you will have to solve.

Other great games to note are Guild Wars 2, and EvE online despite the fact I am not currently playing them, most of these games are either free or have a trial system so get out there and try some new games, it is time to leave Azaroth behind once and for all.