Need For Speed Shift Review 9 out of 10


Well once again Need for Speed does it, Representing how real racing video games should be done in the first place, they have done what other games have tried giving us racing enthusiest a more realistic approach to the real world of professional racing , a carrier that most ricers out their cant get an inch close to accomplishing in life.Cant complain and sorry if some fanatics don’t agree with me. But with fresh simulation unlike them machines that some taco shops and laundromats have them things which you have to put twenty five cents in order to play ohh yeah arcades. With its most realistic cars and brain damaging tracks ever. since some people thought that the need for speed franchise became some what boring lately surprised us with some changes the franchise series.


First of all every one might get surprised by the story of the game vanished but o need to cry to your moms things aren’t as bad as they seem. Like i said a real racing game that gets you on the drivers seat of real cars on the real awsome tracks. But if your like some real drivers and cant drive at all NFSS provides You with a guide that shows you the way in the start of the game no way you could stay behind since you have been chosen that you have been picked to prove your skills and with some luck you might make your way to the NFSS Challenge without a problem.don’t worry the guide wont leave your site he’ll show up like every once upon a time fit advises into your head, like advising you on certain challenges and the rules of it and then its up to you on how well you can take in the advise. So good luck.

This game allows you to start your career and completing races earning stars by bieng first. Having the ability to buying upgrades for your rides and even tuning them to at ur will. Cant get any better than that.But to keep you interested it offers more than your average racing experience.

The overall the game does a perfect job of combining simulations and style to the NFSS series and to me that kind of effort deserves 9 out of 10 . Even im impressive and amused at the same time to let all racing fan’s know that its a promising game and you wont be making a mistake in getting Need For Speed Shift so go get it and be one proud ricer i mean racer