Neon Chrome: Review (Cyberpunk, Indie, Shooter)

By the developer 10TONS LTD, Neon Chrome is a top-down, Cyberpunk, indie, shooter with many thick elements to the game as well as basic elements that’s just plain fun. You start Neon Chrome with a cut scene setting up the plot and your base objective. Overthrow the evil overlord with completely reasonable actions like shooting everything and everyone in sight and breaking through any wall that stands in your way.

Neon Chrome is a lot more complex than it looks. At first it looks like a basic top down shooter with fun enemies to shoot and completely destructible environment but its exactly that along with a fun leveling system, merciless death system, a class system, and situations that’ll smother you with enemies.
The class system in Neon Chrome gives you the ability to play how you want to play, giving you options to play like an assassin sneaking in the shadows, a brute destroying everything in your path, a techie with the help of a robot partner, and many other classes you can think of. Each class giving you a new experience in gameplay and mechanics and even being able to switch it up as time goes with the quick upgrading system you can find around the map to either help boost your defense or build your destructiveness.

As well as the upgrading system within every level there is also a main leveling system to boost your max damage, max health, power meter, luck, and other properties; the only catch is you have to die first to level your character. Might even being the most complex top-down shooter I’ve played, Neon Chrome is also merciless and hard. Not only does it smother you with enemies at your lowest points but once you die you have to start everything over (Except your main leveling system) along with all your solider you’ve upgraded. The only way to get a check point is beating a boss and moving to the next floor even though I’ve never been able to even beat the first boss…

The destructible environments are top notch with just about everything beings destroy-able. A room that has multiple walls and crates can be shot down to a room full of ruble and bodies with the help of some well places explosives, lots and lots of well places explosives. Even with the added bonus of destructible environments, the levels themselves change every time you die! No level is the same the second time around and each one is as challenging, if not more challenging, than the last! Not only is it fun to play, Neon Chrome also comes with an amazing soundtrack that brings the whole game together. Very energetic and gets you pumped seconds before getting slaughter! It’s hard to not notice the music while playing, nothing annoying and frantic.

Overall, Neon Chrome is an amazing game with a shine to it that screams endless fun. I absolutely loved the game and I’m not even a fan of top-down games (Excluding Hotline Miami). Neon Chrome came out of nowhere but I will definitely be playing more of it and it’ll eventually have mod support, level editor, and more! But meanwhile I wait for that I’ll probably be trying to at least beat the first boss.. I give Neon Chrome 9.0/10! You can get Neon Chrome on Steam for $14.99 but it’s 10% off till May 5th And you can also buy the soundtrack for $4.99! Keep up the good work 10TONS LTD!! Cant wait to see what you do next!

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