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New Add-On Pack for Hit Arcade Style Racing Game Smash Cars Launches on PSN on June 8th in North America

TikGames  and Creat Studios today announced the release of Smash Cars: Virus Run, the first Add-On DLC Pack for the hit PlayStation Network game Smash Cars. The sixth Add-On Pack released under the partnership between the two companies to deliver next generation console games will be available for download on the PlayStation 3  for $2.99 on Tuesday, June 8th in North America and €2.99 on Wednesday, June 16th in Europe.

Players will continue to rack up points by performing stunts, drifting around corners at top-speed, smashing into other vehicles, and flying past the finish line in a remote-control car! Smash Cars: Virus Run incorporates all the popular features from the original arcade style racing experience, including real-time physics, innovative stunts and next-generation graphics, but with an added twist.

Smash Cars: Virus Run features an all-new online, six-player racing mode where one randomly selected player becomes the group’s foe. The “infected” player rushes the racetrack with the ability to contaminate other contestants and ruin their chances of victory. Once the infected player hits an opponent’s car, the victim joins the efforts. Included in the Add-On Pack is a new Skate Park environment located at the center of the island, complete with half-pipes and springboards to access during the Virus Run mode.

“If you thought avoiding angry tourists was a rush, just wait until you’re speeding away from five infected RC cars that are all trying to bring you down!“ said Anatoly Tikhman, Founder and CEO of TikGames, LLC.

Smash Cars: Virus Run also includes a new local two-player split screen mode, allowing players to play side-by-side. Players can now blast past beach goers and jump off boardwalks alongside friends and family.   In addition to the release of the new Add-On Pack, a free patch will be available for automatic download to current Smash Cars owners in order to improve the game’s current online multiplayer feature and provide a superior user experience.

“Smash Cars is already jam-packed with action, but add the multiplayer viral twist pushed the excitement even further,” said Vladimir Starzhevsky, co-founder and CEO of Creat Studios, Inc.  “We are thrilled to provide new downloadable content updates for PlayStation 3 customers based on their suggestions, and to present another unique addition to our growing list of titles for the Sony PlayStation Network.”

Smash Cars: Virus Run includes PlayStation 3 Trophy support and has been rated “E” for Everyone by the Entertainment Software Rating Board for this platform.