New Call of Duty: Lethal Combat or Call of Duty: Stronghold

There has been many rumors to suggest that the next Sledgehammer call of duty game would be Advance Warfare 2 to be released in Nov 2017.

In recent rumors  Call of Duty: Lethal Combat setting as being the Vietnam War. It makes sense for Activision to want to focus on a real world historical conflict again.

Call of Duty: Lethal Combat will feature a strong female character. Sledgehammer Games has expressed a desire to include strong female characters in Call of Duty games, which have historically been portrayed by strong male characters. If the new Call of Duty is set during Vietnam, though, that may make things complicated, as women were banned from serving in the United States military in a combat role until 2013.

Call of Duty: Lethal Combat is rumored to be in development for release in November of 2017.