New Covert Task launched in Marvel Avengers Alliance

coverttasks3As if we didn’t already have enough additional side campaigns going on, Playdom has launched a new Covert Task campaign on Marvel Avengers Alliance called Facing Facts. Set primarily within the Season Two chapters of the main campaign, players have until September 23 to complete the five tasks to acquire the Prototype Emitter and the Mutagen Emitter.

The Emitters grant beneficial passive mutation to an ally during battle. The Mutagen Emitter is more impressive as it grants an immediate free turn after using. The Mutagen Emitter also makes for a great PVP bonus, adding +1812 on the attack stats and +1812 on the defense stats.

Facing Facts comes while the Covert Task: Bright Eyed, Bushy Tailed (completing which allows players to recruit Squirrel Girl), the 12th Special Operations: Dark Reign (completing which allows players to recruit Ares), PVP Tournament Season 10 (with top ranking players getting to recruit Bishop early for free), and the Master Assassin Collection (completing which allows players to recruit Elektra) are still active.