*NEW* Dead or Alive 5 Trailer featuring Ayane and Hitomi on Xbox LIVE!

Dead or Alive 5 and fighting fans rejoice! A NEW Dead or Alive 5 trailer is available on Xbox LIVE through the OXM Report. This report features an interview with Team Ninja’s current director (not Tonomobu Itagaki obviously), Yohei Shimbori. He tells us that Dead or Alive 5 will emphasize the blockbuster action changes of the dynamic environments. One can hit opponents into walls to activate environmental events that will physically change the stage. The video also shows off two returning characters, nimble ninja Ayane and Karate fighting Hitomi. New over the edge moves that knock opponents who are barely hanging on to ledges are shown off by the female characters. Plenty of explosions and raging fire consumes the multi-level stage.