New DLC for Section 8: Prejudice on PSN!

Section 8: Prejudice, 2011’s hit arena shooter from TimeGate Studios, will be getting a new map pack for the PlayStation Network version. On September 13 in North America (September 14 for Europe), you will be able to buy the Frontier Colonies Map Pack for only $3.99.

The Frontier Colonies Map Pack comes with two new multiplayer maps each with a different look and feel. “Desolation” is a parched desert world haunted by the remains of a failed colonization attempt. “Overseer” is home to a military base that overlooks a lush forest valley. Both maps are playable in both multiplayer and offline play for all game modes included in Section 8: Prejudice.

There is a special bonus for acting quickly! For the first month of release, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to purchase the Frontier Colonies Map Pack at half price! That’s $2.00 for two maps with unlimited play opportunities.