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New Forbidden/ Limited List For Yugioh

Today is the day that Konami released their new quarterly forbidden/ limited list and boy the top tier deck that won YCS was cut to size with this new list. If you haven’t guessed what deck I’m talking about, its non other than dragon rulers. I’ll go over the changes with you guys so you can get a better understanding of what went down. Lets start off with the forbidden list. No monsters were added to this list but some very powerful spells and traps were. The first is dragon ravine, now this is just one of the tech choices to run a successful dragon ruler deck but not the only one. This card allowed the player to get rid of the dragons faster so they can special them or their counterparts, with this card gone, the drgunity build is pretty much dead. Some new traps added to the list were return from the different dimension, self-destruct button, and sixth sense. Now all these choices that were added I completely agree with, all these cards were each over powered in their own way. But the one I was really happy for was for sixth sense, this card could easily be a +6 in your favor and in decks like chaos or dragon rulers some duelist don’t mind what the outcome of the role would be. Although only four cards were added to the forbidden list, I can tell you that the limited list is a lot more crueler then the forbidden.

Lets start this list off by saying that all four dragon ruler monsters are now part of the endangered species list. With each dragon dropped down to one, you can see a lot of decks trying to change the tempo or making some other tech choices like using the dragon rulers for mainly support for the element that your running. Debris dragon was dropped from two to one. Ohh and we actually get a card from the forbidden list to the limited and its magician of faith. That card was on the forbidden list for a long time that I forgot it even existed, but I know with its release duelist are gonna exploit all the power this card has. We also have four cards in the spell card section, but unfortunately they are all new. They are divine wind of the mist valley, final countdown, sacred sword o seven stars, and spellbook of fate. It took Konami this long to finally put an overpowered win condition card on the limited list, and once I saw that name on the list I prayed to yugi that it will stay there forever. Now lets move onto the semi-limited list.

Two monsters made this list and were actually moved from the limited to semi. They are lonefire blossom and chaos sorcerer. I am really happy to see that second sorcerer, it is a great card that has a ton of playability and is super easy to get out. Now what got off all the list all together Archlord Kristya, Mezuki, Pleaguespreader Zombie, T.G. Striker, Tour guide of the Underworld, Fire Formation Tenki, and Constellar Ptolemy M7. It looks like Konami is trying to revive zombie decks with all those main zombie cards haha. Now tour guide is no longer on the list, but I have a feeling that since sangan is still forbidden we will still only see two per deck. Now this list doesn’t go into effect until January 1st so enjoy your dragon rulers for the time being and happy dueling.