New Launch Trailer For Carrier Command: Gaea Mission


For those of you that are fans of the RTS genre, that includes me, there is one aspect that is always missing the thrill of being in the middle of the action. But now that wait is over with the launch of ” Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. This game, which was developed by the company Bohemia Interactive a company based in the Czech Republic, puts the skill of developing a plan and resources with the fast paced  action of a first person shooter. There are several game modes to choose from from pre-made scenarios to the campaign mission, each will test your ability’s to choose where to put your forces as well as keeping track of all your resources. By the looks of it this game has promise, there have been others that have tryed to mix the aspects of both strategy and action in one with varying degrees of success. I can only hope with such a good opening trailer the the game revives the notion that you can have both strategy and first person action in one game.