News Preview

New No More Heroes 2 details/screens

New No More Heroes 2 details are below, as well as screens showing off new 8-bit side jobs.

-Graphics are enhanced over last iteration, now includes bloom lighting

-double length beam katana

-Missions where Travis will take a break and Shinobu and Henry will be playable

-2D bit side-jobs include coconut collecting, racing, cooking, shooting and more

-New camera lock-on feature includes a circle of cubes which indicate the enemy’s health.

-When all the cubes change from blue to red, your enemy is about to die

-Controls remain largely unchanged from the first title
-Cycle lock-ons with Z button
-Duck/roll in any direction with d-pad
-B trigger now kicks and punches
-Kill gestures, finishing moves make a return
-Blood will be in the North American version
-Press the 2 button to cycle between single and double beam katanas
-More wrestling moves than the original