New Tag Mode and Pax Fight Night Event for MMORPG Dark Blood

Today Outspark announced their Free-to-play arcade brawler MMORPG, Dark Blood, just added a new mode called Tag Mode to it’s PvP system. This tag mode enables players to duel in arenas by toggling between two characters.

It has also been announced that on Friday night August  31st at 5PM PT their will be a special PAX Fight Night featuring Dark Blood’s Ultimate Tag Tournament. Their will be big prizes and will be hosted by GM Swoos. You can go to Dark Bloods Calender for more details here.

For this event Pax Fight Night Outspark is giving away CUSTOMAZATION PACKS! the redeeming code is TAGMEINDARKBLOOD and you can using it at

You can play Dark Blood at

Here is Part 2 to the trailer above!