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New version of Street Fighter IV announced at EVO 2013


Capcom announces five new characters and six new stages as DLC for Street Fighter IV

Capcom has announced that the next update to Street Fighter IV will include five new characters. Elena, Rolento,Poison and Hugo will be making their way to the title, as well as an unannounced fifth fighter that has never been seen in Street Fighter before.

Additionally, the update will include balance fixes and six new stages. It will cost $15 as an add-on to the current game or $40 as a direct digital download/retail copy for the whole game.This full edition will come with all previously released alternate character costumes for free. Also, Udon is designing brand new costumes that will be released as a pre-order bonus. The DLC will launch on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC early next year.

The update’s name and an official trailer will be revealed before tomorrow’s AE 2012 finals. of the panel