New VR Screenshots and More Info



Imagine if you could lead armies of Dwarfs, Elves, Undead, Orcs, Ogres and many others, control powerful Heroes and experience the battle through their eyes! One of the features of the game is of course the usage of the Oculus VR headset to create a truly unique experience while playing the game. Players will be able to take possession of any Hero they control and play the game through their eyes. It is really a magnificent thing positioning your units to engage the enemy army, give the attack orders and then switch to one of your Heroes and experience the charge and the engagement through their eyes!

We feel that immersion requires rich scenery. In order to provide more tactical options to the players, there will be a lot of interaction with the terrain. Players will be able to hide inside forests, though a forest can be burnt (along with anyone hiding in it), take the high ground to receive bonuses in ranged attacks and melee as well as have a bigger field of view, create bottlenecks to lure the opponent in, etc.

In order to have a good perspective of the battlefield, players will be able to look at the battlefield using an eagle eye view. Oculus owners will be able to have a great perspective of the battlefield and quickly assess situations and give orders to their units and heroes.

From the very beginning we wanted the presentation of the engagement between units and heroes to be as realistic as it can be, without of course missing anything from the fantasy atmosphere we want to give to the game. Units will be given an order to attack another unit or hero and will move to engage….once they are close enough, the troops will break formation and will run fast towards the enemy. If the enemy unit is idle, it will turn to face the charging unit and the troops will raise their shields and weapons to brace for impact.

Heroes in Kingdoms Age are extraordinary individuals making the impossible look possible. Although they are not invincible, and players have to be careful not to lose them too early in a battle, they can affect its outcome to a great extent if their talents and special abilities are used wisely. There exist several types of Heroes with each being an expert to a different area such as Fighters, Assassins, Magic Casters, etc. They gain experience points in battles and with levels they become stronger and unlock new special abilities.