NexGen Studio Creates game for launch of The New iPad


Nexgen, one of the oldest developer and publishers of mobile titles in Singapore, announced today its newest title, Deep Sea Catch. This new game for the Apple iOS platforms has AAA quality and will be free to play when it’s released later this month. It is also Nexgen’s first title being made for the iPAD 3 by using enhanced graphics capable of shinning on the iPAD’s new display.


Deep Sea Catch is an underwater action game based in the depths of the sea. Its steampunk style immediately catches a player’s eye while they power up their sub’s harpoon turret to hunt ocean creatures. However the game is more than just catching fish and hunting dangerous animals. The player also controls a deep-sea diver as they search and salvage elusive treasures to fill up their vault with gold coins and more.

Meanwhile, when relaxing during breaks virtual fishermen have their own aquarium where they can watch their trophies swim. Once they go back into the water, players can navigate around the sea by simply using the gyro sensor of the device to steer around the map. Radar guides the player to sunken treasure chests and to new areas with mysterious locations.