Nexon’s ‘Combat Arms’ hosts all-out-war

  First round of a month-long FPS war kicks off this weekend as masses of soldiers square off online in the “Spiders versus Scorpions” event

Nexon America is kicking off the first round of a month-long war on Saturday, June 16, in its high-intensity online first person shooter, “Combat Arms,” with the opening of the Spiders versus Scorpions event. This event will pit the game’s six million registered players against each other vying for prizes and accolades in its numerous battlefields and game modes while offering hundreds of high-powered weapons to ensure epic kill counts.

The “Spiders versus Scorpions” event consists of four rounds, lasting a week each, with a possible showdown-weekend set if each faction ends tied with the same number of rounds won.

Players can go to www.spidersvsscorpions.comfor more details and check their team’s progress and individual rankings. During the event, players who log into “Combat Arms” will be prompted to pick a side if they haven’t signed up on the event website. To celebrate the big war, thegame’s armory will have available upgraded XM8 Assault Rifles stamped with the Spiders or Scorpions logo and colors.

The event is easy and simple for player to jump right into and begin fighting. Players just need to create or enter a game room with SvS option checked, where they will be arranged onto teams automatically to start the war. Players will be unable to change teams, although the room moderator will be able to switch the sides for all players.

Any EXP and GP earned by a player during the event while in a “Spiders versus Scorpions” room will be added to their faction’s totals. The faction that earns the most EXP and GP during a day will be awarded a win for that day. At the end of the week, the faction that has won the most days will be considered the victors for that round, affecting their prizes for that week, as well as counting towards the final war prizes.

Prizes for the winning factions include various Supply Cases, weapons, functional items, packages, and unreleased exclusive Assassin characters. Members of the defeated faction will also receive prizes based on individual contribution as well.

Last year “Combat Arms” held a smaller version of this event and huge numbers of players participated, totaling more than 3.3 million battles in which there were 192 million kills recorded. This makes the “Spiders versus Scorpions” events the biggest event for Combat Arms and one of the biggest events for all online FPS’ in North America.