Night Whisper Lane out now!

Today EPX Games released their “point and click” and “turn based battle system” game, Night Whisper Lane, for sale on the Apple App Store!

Night Whisper Lane is a survival horror game designed specifically to fuse ” Point and Click” with a ” turned based battle system”.  In this game players find themselves of an old ominous house with no clue  on how they got there.  Players must trust their instincts, wit and memory to uncover the mystery behind the house and and the dangers that are within it.  In this house their are hidden traps and deadly monsters so it is important to be cautious of what players interact with it! Some of the features in this game are:

– Original Survival Horror Gaming Experience specifically made for iOS
-“Point and Click” gameplay featuring an engaging “Turn-Based Battle System”
– Authentic Survival Horror Story, even down to the camp
– Startling 3D rendered rooms and areas with a hint of surreal
– Gruesome booby-traps are hidden, some more deadly than others
– Challenging Enemy/Boss Battles
– Variety of items, weapons, health packs and other secrets to uncover
– Eerie soundtrack
– Auto Game save feature works in the background

This game will come with Scenario 1. every 2-3 months a new scenarios will be released and it will be free!

To purchase this game you can go to