Nikita Online and Aratog Games launch Astro Lords via GameXP connect


astro promo

NIKITA ONLINE and Aratog Games are pleased to announce the release of the web-based MMORTS Astro Lords on the GameXP entertainment web-portal.

Designed as an embodiment of NIKITA ONLINE’s supportive stance toward independent developers, GameXP Connect, a leading Russian publisher’s channeling solution, will allow Aratog Games to present their sci-fi MMORTS Atro Lords to more than 11.8 million-worth audience.

“Being solid adherents of multiplatform approach, we invest our greatest efforts in making our games as accessible as possible. Launching on GameXP provides technically sound and efficient means to extend our title’s user base,” states Lyubov Nazarenko, Aratog Games’ Co-Founder.

Astro Lords ( is a sci-fi MMORTS setting a player on the epic quest of exploring new space frontier on the outermost reaches of the Solar System. A newly-minted Astro Lord is put in charge of an asteroid which will later become a stronghold of technological and military power among stars. It is a matter of capturing new asteroids and discovering lost artefacts of the ancient alien race for a player to expend his or her effective zone of influence. And even in the most perilous endeavors a player can always count on steadfast generals. These characters gain experience and learn a number of skills arranged in 7 different classes from ruthless warrior to shrewd scientist. Bought either by battle prowess or by smart calculation, a player’s success can always be converted in actual income: the game has a special feature allowing its users to trade virtual currency for real money.

GameXP Connect will grant the Astro Lords an opportunity to reach fast-growing audience of the entertainment web-portal GameXP ( as well as utilize an extensive set of advanced services from voice chat to 24/7 support team.

Currently more than 11.8 million unique users are registered on the GameXP entertainment web-portal. A number of titles of different types and genres are available for them, including four projects launched via GameXP Connect ( Such companies as Gala Lab., RosIgra, Labbit Games, Vision Games, Crazy Bit, Amber Games, Oofsource and Aratog Games have already appraised this platform’s advantages.