Nintendo 64: Still Amazing


So taking a break from Borderlands 2 this weekend my friends and I took a trip down memory lane and dedicated the weekend to playing the Nintendo 64. After 24 hours straight of us playing different games and running mock tournaments I have come to the conclusion that despite the terrible controller design it is still my favorite system.

We started off our weekend with us trying to get perfect runs on Star Fox 64, which was the first N64 game I played as a kid. Despite the fact that yes the graphics are now outdated but the game play is still amazing. It was hilarious as we struggled to try and find the secrets in order to take alternative routes. Next we decided to tackle the multiplayer aspect with Mario Kart 64 and Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart to this day is probably one of the funnest racing games I have ever played. The frustration of us racing on Toads Pike on mirror mode was highly entertaining, throwing shoulders as we fought over boxes to get weapons.

The highlight of the weekend was fighting it out against each other in Super Smash Bros. with pretty much every character and every stage in the game. This game can be one of the most exciting and frustrating  games to play against your friends while all sitting on the couch. Between one friends constantly spamming Pikachu’s thunder and another with Falcon Punch the night was full of laughs and some choice words. When all is said and done the N64 still remains my all time favorite console and with a new found love for it, I will be making it the main stage for my streaming.